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Danielle J. Genier, CLU, CFP

Certified Financial Planner

Phone: 705-360-5555


E-mail: danielle.genier@genierfinancial.com


Success doesn’t come from just “practicing what you preach” – it’s much bigger than that. It comes from being willing to live what you really believe; and that’s the way Danielle Genier created success in her own life, and has helped her clients do the same.

But the problem with actually living what you believe is that it takes courage, and not the theoretical kind. It takes the real, day-to-day, even-if-it’s-not-popular kind of courage – luckily Danielle seems to have lots of that.

One of the most amazing things about Danielle is that she simply has to “tell it as it is” – she can’t help it. So when her clients are on track and doing a great job, she is there to remind them of their success and encourage them to continue. When she has clients that are drifting off their plan, she is also there to remind them of their own reasons for taking charge of their financial security, and how to continue to stick to their plan.

Quite simply, because Danielle believes so much that her clients can truly be financially successful, she has no hesitation in living her responsibility of holding them accountable to their goals. Sometimes those conversations are exciting and create a lot of enthusiasm, other times they require a bit more courage. And as Danielle will tell you, the real courage in being financially successful is the courage to tell the truth.

Many people aren’t getting what they want because they are putting their attention on what everyone else thinks is important, not what they think is important. That’s why Danielle spends so much time with her clients – time understanding what is truly important to them.

With an entire career in the banking and financial services world, Danielle brings a very practical and compelling path to creating financial security. She also brings the skills and expertise. Danielle has earned her Chartered Life Underwriter’s (CLU) designation as well as the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation granted by the Financial Planners Standards Council of Canada; and is an active member of Advocis – the national Financial Advisors Association of Canada.

If you’re ready for some straight talk about your financial path – both personally and for your business – then Danielle is ready to help you build on what’s most important to you.

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Ryan Perkins

Financial Security Advisor



Because he’s always looking forward, Ryan seems older than he actually is. His ability to plan ahead is something Ryan learned from his father. Coming from a family of successful gold miners, Ryan knows that small decisions can have a big impact and hard work always comes before the payoff.

Ryan has known Danielle for several years. As he’s built his career, including starting a successful roofing company, it’s become clear that his work ethic, business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit are a great fit for Genier Financial Services.

Growing up outside Kirkland Lake, Ryan comes from a family that likes to stay active. He hunts, fishes, plays and referees soccer, volunteers at sporting events, snowboards and does renovations at home. However, it hasn’t always been easy – Ryan’s experienced losses that have reminded him how fragile life can be, as well as how we need to protect ourselves and plan for the future.

Ryan’s easy to talk to, bright, interested in others and always puts in the effort needed to get the job done. We know that as he works with clients and continues to grow as a financial security advisor at Genier Financial Services, good things are in store for everyone.

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Nicole Godda

Service Specialist


Nicole was born and raised in Timmins and is the youngest of twelve children – that’s right, twelve. With that many kids in the family, it prompts a few quick questions such as, do you remember everyone’s name and birthdate,  and did you like being the youngest. The answers, incidentally, are yes, yes, and yes.

In some ways, hearing Nicole’s story helps one understand why she’s such a good fit at Genier Financial Services Inc. She started working in the mining industry and later shifted to working in consulting and engineering administrative roles. Nicole came from a large family and also has a large family of her own. She has lived in the area her entire life. Nicole understands our world, how important financial planning is, and also understands the importance of looking out for her own family.

To go a step further, Nicole’s relationship with Danielle emerged out of being a client! It was by good fortune that Nicole came to work with Genier Financial Services Inc. One day she had an appointment with Danielle for her own personal investments and that’s when Danielle mentioned to her that she was looking to hire an Administrative Assistant. Nicole followed up with her resume, and the rest was history. 

Nicole is one of those happy people who likes to take action. She’s not the centre of attention, but she is often near the centre of the action, answering questions, following up and keeping things moving.

Playing a key role in processing the paperwork of the office, making appointments, and helping clients, Nicole brings common sense and a family focus to her work.

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Natashia Chartrand

Operations Leader


​Natashia has the rare ability to bring an energetic, spontaneous style to everything she does while remaining extremely predictable. Her personality can’t be contained. She’s outgoing and quick to engage – before you know it, you’ll find yourself in a conversation with her.

Natashia’s also very active, raising an eight-year-old while still finding time to participate in CrossFit, volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada and play baseball, among other activities. Her energy is apparent and contagious.

At the same time, Natashia brings a predictable quality to her work. She’s attentive and thoughtful as she takes care of the detailed work of processing investments, applications and much of the paperwork that comes with the well-advised decisions of clients.

Natashia grew up in Timmins and first came to Genier Financial Services as a client. When the opportunity to work with the Genier team arose, she jumped at it.

We're happy Natashia has joined our team. Her shining personality, strong work ethic and big heart make her the right fit for a firm that really cares about clients.

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Melanie Trudel

Administrative Specialist


It’s good when you meet someone that’s genuinely friendly and enjoys life. That’s who you meet when you see Melanie Trudel at Genier Financial Services Inc.

Mel was born and raised in Timmins, and has always felt connected to the community. Working at Genier Financial gives her the opportunity to support people making important decisions that can have a real impact on their lives. Mel spent years working in a doctor’s office and learned the importance of confidentiality, organization and attention to detail; skills that serve our clients well as she handles critical data entry, preparing materials and processing applications for insurance, among other things.

Married, with two great kids, she and her husband enjoy life outside – skiing, fishing, boating and more. She’s that rare combination of outgoing, easy going, and detail-minded. Mel is the perfect fit as our Administrative Specialist at Genier Financial Services Inc.

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